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I had an afternoon for detecting and could have gone to my pasture where finds seem pretty much guaranteed but I considered some other options instead as I fancied a change. I had not visited one 30 acre cultivated field since October as it got very overgrown with tall weeds, but guessed that they may have died back sufficiently now? So I took a look from the gateway and decided to give it a go, there were still some waterlogged areas but the weeds were looking quite sparse now and of no challenge.
The finds on this field are usually Georgian or older with very little modern scrap so targets tend to be quite few and far between which is maybe not such a bad thing? Here are some past finds from it which are quite encouraging - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=192&p=1251&hilit=30+acres#p1251
So far there has been just two general hotspots but still much unexplored area around the middle of the field. The ground was mainy very dry when I searched here last summer but is now mostly ideal apart from the sticky clay surface and few more targets came from just passing through those hotspot areas but nothing good. My plan was to search some more new ground regardless just to see how it is. The area I chose happened to be beneath power lines so there were frequent adjustments needed to counter the strong EMI. Targets proved very infrequent and were a combination of Georgian coppers, drinks cans and bits of scrap. Eventually I got a bit bored with there so instead I tried the bottom end of the field but it was even quieter of targets so I decided to call it a day and head back to the gate, well if you don't try you'll never know!
But looking at my past GPS tracks I offset from one and hit a new patch of targets. The first was scrap but the next was a pleasant surprise.
A 1578 Lizzy three pence.
Then next target just a few feet away was a George III 1797 cartwheel penny. So have noted that area for a better look sometime. But just what a late save to the day! :-o
There were only two small bits of lead but a few bits of rough bronze smelting/casting waste. :Thinking:
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Can’t beat a nice Lizzie :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Nicely saved and a bit of clod porn too :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Always love to see a coin with the date on it. Takes you back to that particular year and think of National, World events that were happening.
Congratulations on the 1578.
Some other interesting items, the Cartwheel and lead toys. Lead toys always point to nearby habitation.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Always pleased to see a Lizzy,
Well found and well saved
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Ooooh a clod shot!!
Havent seen one of them in a while :clapping:
More please my man :thumbsup:
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