Removing backgrounds from photos - free app

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I’ve been using photoshop to do background removal but this app someone recommended on Twitter is brilliant and free. You can make the background clear, black, white, or there’s templates. Now if PAS would do a template how much easier self recording would be :roll:

There is a paid for version too which lets you do batches and with no adverts if you want to spend £50 a year :shock:
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I`ll have a look at that it looks handy Cath . Thanks for sharing . :thumbsup:
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That looks like a great app to use on a "device" :thumbsup:

But I do all such image editing on a laptop with a great big fat screen, so an app's no good to Oi.
Oxgirl wrote: Sun Mar 21, 2021 1:42 pm Now if PAS would do a template how much easier self recording would be :roll:
The hardest part, believe me, is getting the hang of the terms they like for description and describing your object. Coins obviously need no great description but artefacts are an entirely different matter :lol:

I use, and once you've got the hang of it it's a (relative) doddle).
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I use GIMP in Windows to change background but am mainly using an Android tablet now and this app is great and so easy to use. :thumbsup:
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Probably Ok for the PAS but the resolution on this and other Apps I've looked at is really poor so haven't bothered to use them. Horses for courses.
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