Smallest Bronze Age Hoard possible but Official

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figgis wrote: Tue Mar 23, 2021 4:15 pm When I first started out I was coming across lots of lumps of molten bronze, clearly of great age, which was thought at the time to be casting waste. The FLO was umming and ahing about recording it as treasure, not because it had any intrinsic value but because, strictly speaking, it qualified.

But common sense prevailed :thumbsup:
It's amazing just how un common sense is.
Pete E
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It's a pity the Legislation does not allow FLOs a bit more discretion in cases like these...In fact much of the process could be done at FLO level so that relatively "common" finds like a handful of Roman grots or a small coin spill of a few common hammered, could be dealt with locally allowing more significant finds to go through the full process quicker...
Dave The Slave
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The arrival of the post today, brings closure to the Treasure process.
Continuing on from the last posting on this.
Preliminary valuation was submitted by a Finds Valuer, prior to being discussed by the Treasure Valuation Committee at the end of September. There the valuation of £25 was ratified, which was £20 for the Awl, the figure i had in mind, plus a fiver for the blade fragment and nothing for the casting dross.
£12.50 as my share is not going to make a difference, therefore donated to the Museum that requested to buy.
The same will not be happening when the Roman Scattered , which was handed in a year ago, goes through the process. Hoping to get a £100 as my share from that one.
Back to todays post, A4 envelope from the British Museum containing this , plus consent request to use my name in any reports etc.
The Awl is still my favourite find ever but £20 for an item of around 3000 years old, shows how few people value History. This item i would happily buy back, not so much because i collect or have a strong interest in Bronze Age but because i found it, after all that time of being in the ground.
Cheers everyone, :thumbsup:
Pete E
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I can empathise completely Dave…”Bitter Sweet” is how I tend to look at the whole treasure process….Hopefully that awl will end up on display at the museum and not just stuck in a draw…

If ever I am in the same position and at the point of donating a treasure item, one stipulation I would set was that the museum would have to label it as found and donated by a metal detectorist…I would not be bothered about my name being displayed, but would want Joe Public to know the benefits of the hobby…
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Thanks for the update, Dave, and nicely played regarding the donation :thumbsup:
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