Boudicca,s loose change

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Evening gang,hope all is well with you. So had a flick round on sat and pulled this lovely deep patinated ring up,what's your thoughts on age,cheers cd.
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No idea on its age, but a very nice find...
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Well hello CD. Love seeing your moniker pop up :D

Those darn things are so infuriating to me, cause I think a lot of them are older than they are often recorded as. The one you have looks cast so I believe it’ll be pre 1700. The medieval ones are only recognised as such when they have the V shaped profile on the outer or inner edge, or with file marks.

The PAS guide on rings includes these and is worth a read. You can access it here ... des/rings/
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The patina looks to have some good age to it. Not sure of it's use but clearly some outer wear. :thumbsup:
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