Bullet identification please

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Could some help identify this bullet please.
Diameter 7.5 mm. Full metal jacket with lead inner.
Thank you for any help .
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Looks like its a .303
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I find quite a few of those .303 shell bullets, probably deer shooting or fox shooting by farmers / gamekeepers

Regards Steve
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Commonly used by military.
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Agree it looks like a .303

I find a few around here and a few cases. The cases that have a readable date on all tie in with WWII, the village had a home guard unit that was highly regarded so almost certainly tie in with that.

I have also found a 1938 penny that has a hole through it that exactly matches the size of a .303 bullet, and had been used for taget practice.

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Probably need one of the ordnance specialists as it's a bit slim and long for a .303 - which may also mean it can be dated.

By the look of yours it hasn't hit anything. If it is a 303 a lot were shot over our skies during WWII with many fighters and other planes armed with 303's

The 303 is very unlikely to be around as a foxing or deer round as the rifles aren't used. Much more likely to be a 223, 22-250, or 308 but all have similar bullet diameters. And the only ones you'll find in such good condition is a miss and going in to soft earth. It's probably fair to say it didn't start its journey where you found it!
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