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The story so far.
I've been helping the landowner identify worked flint. A while back he said "I see things but never know if they are or not". On his land he has Mesolithic flints - these tend to be small, very fine and are at the top of the flint technology tree, and Neolithic where it all gets a little rough and ready except for some lovely arrowheads (if you ever get a chance to find them).
Anyway, as they say, he has now started to get his eye in and found a couple of micro-blades (Meso) and now a "had a tough life" Neolithic arrowhead. It has probably been in a fire - either discarded or, perhaps, it dropped out from a piece of meat.

When I saw him the other day he produced it from his pocket and asked me what I thought. It had all the hallmarks and I double checked with my FLO and said I would record it and get it back to him. It's very fragile and I'm surprised it has lasted this long. I thought this really needed a display box and, due to the colour, it needed to be black.

If you go down this route then:
This version via Amazon is ~ 40mm square and has a glass front. There's a smaller size in black but the 50mm size is only in white. It includes two layers of foam in grey or black. The box is hard to open; it isn't hinged and so much so they give you a little metal key to prise it open. I couldn't find anywhere to buy them separately at a sensible price - I paid £14.99 for 12 (remember all those little curio shops are Covid closed).

It's a horses for courses display method. In real life the arrowhead looks a treat. I dropped it off this morning and it was really well received. It wouldn't work as a coin display or for anything you want to take out easily and handle. But for some of the finer flint tools I think they will work a treat.

Just thought I would review before you spend your pennies.
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I like that very much Dave..I have seen too many display cases that "outshine" or over power the actual object being displayed, but that works a treat...
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I really like this too. There are so many nice display options coming onto the market now that are giving us choices that didn’t exist a year or so ago and it’s really nice to see.

I found a couple of other good options recently that I should review too. Thank you for sharing this :thumbsup:
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I'm not allowed to display any finds. :(
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