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The rules are pretty simple really, basically be nice to each other and don’t post stuff that will cause arguments or offend someone. Seeing loads of spam is very annoying so we are saying no to that. The rest is basically asking you to be sensible, don’t do anything illegal and don’t blow yourselves up!

If we all follow these then it’ll ensure a relaxed and friendly place. Now and again we might tweak them but we’ll notify alterations/additions within the forum if we do.

* Discriminatory, political, racist, sexual or other offensive posts are strictly prohibited. This extends to users' avatars, user names and signatures.
* We will not allow bullying of any kind, or posts which are deliberately provocative, insulting or inflammatory.
* Use of copyrighted material is prohibited, unless posted with the consent of the copyright owner.
* No animated material in posts or avatars.
* Swearing is not permitted
* Spamming posts are annoying and will be deleted. If you want to share your adventures and post links to your YouTube content then please ask us first. If you contribute to the forum in other ways we may even say yes!

* Ordnance: We expect the laws about live ammunition to be followed, with the finder assuming responsibility for its safe disposal. The site accepts no responsibility for any advice which may be given by its members.
* Legalities: We expect every member to follow all legislation relevant to our hobby (i.e. The Treasure Act, etc) and to not do anything that makes the hobby look bad. Unsurprisingly we will not tolerate the promotion of "nighthawking", detecting on scheduled land or any other illegal activity - do it and we’ll remove your account.
* Closing of accounts: Members may at any time request their account to be closed. However, their posts will remain in place for continuity purposes, but under an anonymised name.
Copyright: The post content remains the copyright of the member posting it and can’t be reproduced elsewhere without their permission. Similarly ‘The Detecting Hub’ name and logo is our copyright and no part of it can be used anywhere else without our approval.
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