First and second time out

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SO I haven't been detecting since October so took the day off on Thursday for my first trip out. I went to purse loss corner and sure enough another Edward penny appear, Canterbury mint. 24 now. I then headed off to my best medieval field as I didn't get much time on it last year before they drilled cover crop and then ploughed in. Very low crop so pretty easy going and a total of 4 hammered, a very clipped half, Henry III full penny and half, both Nicole. Then a very bent Edward penny from London which is cracked. Not going to do too much more, shame it is in pretty good condition. Also a nice medieval lamp hanger expertly IDed in the field by alloverover.

Went back yesterday and was bitterly cold but was rewarded with a nice Edward I York half penny and a very tightly rolled what looks to be a penny. Nice to be back out again.



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Impressive haul and not a bad return after such a long time away from it . :thumbsup:
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Well done :thumbsup:
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Wow you’ve done well! :Star: excellent bag of finds!
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That's as many as I find in a year! Great day out, and I'm loving that hanger :thumbsup:
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Now that's what I call a haul, good job you don't get out that often or else there would be nothing left for the rest of us :lol:
Well found and well saved.
Reiver :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Good going Dave :thumbsup: Nice lot of coins mate.
Those lamp hangers were a rare find years ago but theres a lot more of them about nowdays, lovely find though, maybe they counted all the coins by the light from it before they enterd the soil :Thinking: :Thinking: :Thinking: :thumbsup:
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