Deer can find items as well.

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Recently read on another post about checking areas where moles and rabbits have been active.
Out in the woods Monday, noticed an area around a sapling that had been disturbed since last week. Initially thought someone had been there.
Area of around couple of foot radius from sapling appeared to have been raked. Closer examination revealed the white hairs of Deer, also the sapling had had the lower V shaped trunk exposed, ideal for a good scratch with the antlers.
Looking closely, couple of small white ceramic Ponds type cosmetic pots had been exposed. Then spotted a wartime era fork, very happy with that,. Appears to have been in a fire, as there are. also melted jars, bottles around.
Detecting wise not much to speak of , infact you would all call it rubbish. Shottie ends, 9mm cartridge casings, Aircraft starter, shotties and flare pistol shotties to name a few. Surprised to see what i thought was snow, softly gliding down through the trees. That lasted for an hour and a half but did not feel cold in the wood, a pleasant and surreal experience..
Managed to find a bottle with Lung Tonic embossed, on cleaning at home OWBRIDGES, had a quick look at their history.
Cleaned up the back of the fork, slightly disappointed not to see a wartime year and or NAAFI but did reveal, Barker Bros, Silversmiths, Birmingham, alas EPNS but at least an ID.
Will take the detector next week but the masses of covered Chicken wire, roots etc, along with the close proximity of saplings make swinging awkward. Have decided to clean up an area and remove broken jars bottles etc, That way the deer can uncover some more finds in safety.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Quite a lot of toot knocking about that place by the looks of it, Dave, and detecting it might be a bit of a nightmare, but there's also bound to be some bits and pieces knocking about if you have the patience :thumbsup:
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