Great evening out on new land especially after yesterday

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Some more photos from yesterday
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Great pics! :thumbsup:
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How do you stay calm enough to dig a hole with all those cows around you?
Where i live they can be tetchy things and start nudging you
If i walk in a field with cows in, they all make a beeline for me, which i suppose is handy for the person i'm detecting with as they get a few hours peace :lol:
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There ok just like to lick you :o they are all lady cows and after a while get board and wonder off :thumbsup: I will stop there Before I get into trouble
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i'm new so I'm catching up. Wow such an amazing day of finds. Well done you. Fantastic.
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Wow I want that field :o I don’t mind cows although the flies can stay on the other end on the field!

Seriously well done :thumbsup:
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I am another one just catching up.

Very well done. An excellent find, the 9 silver would have been really good, but then to add the gold :Party: :Party:

Nothing for it I have to get some braces!.

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Cracking day you’ve had :thumbsup: Cows are just curious, I don’t mind them, but I do keep an eye on the detector, they don’t care what they step on.
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