Ok then, Another go!

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So I managed a couple of hours out with Bob the log today, back to the pasture field, Nox and 11" coil, running Fred's Field 1 program, Sensitivity at 22, recovery at 4, and FE at 1.

My first "proper signal" resulted in a nice button with a Hawke on, this again will go to the Farmer.


This was just the start though, and I was soon digging some odd stuff from this field, buttons, musket balls, old iron nails, a buckle or two, and a round spoked thing.



Bob also managed a couple of buttons etc, but his star find, was this Hans Krauwinckel 2nd Nuremburg Jetton.



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Looks like a good few hours there fella... :thumbsup:
Nice bit of detail on the jetton too, ones i find are usually shot to bits as they are so thin
Bob the log
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Nice to be out with you again kev regards bob :thumbsup:
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Not a bad days detecting mate.nice to get out and about :thumbsup:
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Glad the two of you are getting out :thumbsup: Hope that field delivers some silver for you both soon - there’s Jettons so it’s only time :D
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The livery button is https://www.myfamilysilver.com/pages/cr ... e=Chambers
The lead/alloy spoked wheel is from a toy. :thumbsup:
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In another life I remember Littleboot putting up a post on one of them toy wheels and it turned out to be a Wheel of Taranis (Celtic). Of course, that's exceptional and pretty much all these wheels will be off a toy cart or somesuch, but I always look closely at them now :thumbsup:
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Honestly, right now, I'd take those nails. :D
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Well done Bob & Kev , looks like an enjoyable day out with some nice finds.
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shaggybfc wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:18 am Honestly, right now, I'd take those nails. :D
As a tip it is worth keeping a few nails such as those ,as they come in very handy to do " Testing " discrimination with :thumbsup:
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