Woodland Wander

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Dave The Slave
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Third trip out yesterday post Lockdown 2.
Fields are sown, so still mooching around in the woods. Probably do 2 more visits and call it a day for the inland season.
First job was to remove a load of broken glass, remains of an old dumping spot from the war era.
3hrs detecting usual woodland finds, loads of shotties, random bits of metal.
Dodging the trees and saplings had a signal thinking yet another shottie, scraped away the surface leaves and the signal had been moved as well. Clearing the leaves Silver disc, Sixpence. Slight wipe and a 1942 example in a bright, good condition. Very pleased with that.
Did also find a 1941 dated Air Ministery table spoon, EPNS with the AM marking. Unfortunately took it out of my bag while bagging glass but know where i left it to collect next week
18 items dug in a couple of hours of actual detecting.
One of the finds is a type of press stud fastening from United Carr, Boston , MASS. called a Lift the Dot, second one of these i have found, they come out hardly corroded.
Perhaps off a bag or even a Holster. Area was used by the US prior to D Day.
Well that`s my humble offerings for the week.
Contemplating a couple of hours at the beach next week, then driving to the permission for some more woodland wanderings.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
Pete E
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Not a bad outing at all...that sixpence is in excellent shape....at that age, I presume it will be 50% silver???

That fastener is definitely military, probably American as you say, although I have seen British web pouches using something similar...Another possibility would be Canadian as a lot were also stationed over here....
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Nice bit of silver Dave :thumbsup:
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It's good to get out anywhere as anything at all can turn up. Fortunately the sixpence was on the surface otherwise the copper in it would have leeched through. :thumbsup:
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