Hammered coin saves the day !

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Had a few hours out late afternoon yesterday , with the sun shining it was all too much to be cooped up in the workshop on such a fine day .
The jobs can wait until this evening where I can play catch up . My favourite field has been drilled , flat as a pancake with nice smoothed out soil , seems almost criminal to dig a spade into it let alone walk upon it . High hopes were soon dashed as yet again it seemed it was going to be a button day as one after another came in quick succession . A few blobs of lead broke up the monotony and then a well earned thimble , slightly squashed seemed to be the highlight of the afternoon so far .
It mattered not though , it was just pleasant be back out in the warmth and fresh air and so much had changed since my last visit just a few days back . The field was now walled in pure white blossom , as the hedgerows had now had a growth spurt and it looked pretty spectacular , no birds today though not even the buzzards put on a show so I was left to contend with the field on my own .
Two hours had passed and not a lot was showing and after yet another button I decided to call it a day , at least it had been a refreshing walk and I decided to make my way back to the car and perhaps return over the weekend . Still swinging the machine in a half hearted manner I hit a signal and it was a good one but sadly and in an almost cruel twist of fate it was another ring pull , they sound so sweet . Oh well , I just had to put this venture down to just one of those days .
The game changer was the next signal literally a yard or so away from the ring pull , again I dug with a less than enthusiastic approach , it sounded like just another button . It wasnt , and I had lean back and take a deep breath , finally the dismal day took on a new meaning , just when you think its game over something comes along and lifts your spirits . I checked the hole and circled around just in case of any more but that was more wishful thinking .
The one coin made my day :thumbsup:
20210413_180240_resized[4071]hammered coin 1.jpg
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Flat, rolled and lovely looking soil, and out pops a silver :clapping:
Very nice few hours there fella :thumbsup:
No idea who the king is on that coin, but no doubt someone will :ugeek:

A few hours in the field is a far better option than the workshop in my book :Party:
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Well done, a hammered always lifts the spirits. We don't see many from Bristol mint though. :thumbsup:
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Well done on the Hammered, Paul.
Have had to be strict when returning to the car, normally dig a signal then switch detector off, due to time constraints. Although the route back to the car does get detected, on the way into the field earlier in the season.
Some nice hedges of white blossom , also around my permission.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Fields are nice after seeding and rolling, even better when a coin like that pops out :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Those damn ring pulls are such a pain, but got to dig them

Regards Steve
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Such a pleasure swinging on those pristine flat fields. I generally find they get very dry very quickly though so are not always as productive. The rain in the last few days will really have helped, well a little at least!

It’s funny how one find can change the day though isn’t it! 8-)
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Lovely coin and a lovely write up!
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That's a day-saving coin and looks to be in decent nick :thumbsup:

Nice mint, too - I've never found a Bristol mint meself :thumbsup:
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figgis wrote: Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:30 am That's a day-saving coin and looks to be in decent nick :thumbsup:

Nice mint, too - I've never found a Bristol mint meself :thumbsup:
I`ve had a few of the Polo mint variety in my time but I have to confess never a Bristol Mint. (sorry it was there for the taking) :lol:
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