6 Hours

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Yep, 6 Hours out digging yesterday, I never get that long to myself to go digging, but yesterday,,,,,,by hook and by crook :lol: I got it :thumbsup:

Had a lovely time, fields were flat and compacted, crop coming through and nicely settled. signals galore, was running a modified Fast programme on 54khz most of the time but did chop and change a bit.

for once, I didnt have a time limit so all very relaxed, still didnt stop detecting all the while though and holes were filled as I was standing up, cursory inspection of the target whilst moving off to another signal, Its A Numbers Game After All :lol:

So, a few finds, not much in the way of artefacture, but not emptied the lumps out yet ( Mrs is blissfully unaware I was out) so its all a bit James Bond, or Johnny English as Mr Bean I should say :lol: :D

Some coins, will repost when ive had the balls to get them in and clean them :D

Celtic is a Tasciovanos Verlamio or Bull though, could see the star after giving it a rub :thumbsup:
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Couple more
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Nice haul there mate, well done! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Allectus wrote: Thu Apr 15, 2021 10:35 pm Nice haul there mate, well done! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Cheers Tone, willstick um back up when there clean :thumbsup:
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I can’t believe you are so devious ;) The secret of a long marriage I think :lol:

You need to sneak that finds pouch in for a clean up pretty darn soon though cause that lot looks interesting. Great finds!
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Very nice finds Tony...look forward to seeing them cleaned up a little...
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A great result there, but maybe if you weren't speed detecting you could have found some nice buttons? :D
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A nice collection from that secret session :lol:

Alway a treat when the fields are like you say, it’s so much easier swinging, you can get more ground covered more efficiently

A great result :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Well found and saved

Regards Steve
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Great result for one session, but six hours? It'd take me six months to find that little lot. At least :D

Not sure I could swing for six solid hours just now - the enforced absence has played merry hell with my stamina and my swinging muscles start to complain after a while. Best get out there and build them up again, eh? :thumbsup:
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Looks like a good days detecting there mate. :clapping: :thumbsup:
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Clandestine detecting trips from the missus...that may catch on you know :lol:

Nice haul there :clapping:
Fair play for 6 hours though :shock: .....3 and i'm done usually
It sucks getting old :lol: :lol: :ugeek:
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Wow what a lot you got. That`s a tremendous days detecting and you must be well pleased with the results. Very well done indeed. :thumbsup:
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You do now that she knows all about your 'Surreptitious' detecting trip and is being kept in the bank for future leverage.
Scenario: sometime in the not too distant future, you'll be out and you'll get the dreaded "Do you go clothes shopping with me" You natural response will be "narh, no can do, I’m busy, and you know I hate clothes shopping"... and then it will come back and bite you...... "Do you remember that one time when you sneaked out to detect, and you thought I didn't know..... Well shut up and carry these bags"

But the finds you have, would be well worth it :thumbsup:
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Dave The Slave
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Looks like a good few hours.
Looking forward to seeing the total haul.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Cracking haul there , nice to sneak out for a sneaky session.
Good finds too. :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved.
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