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Dave The Slave
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Most of you know me from elsewhere.
I don`t find that much, have no interest in Hammies, prefer Romans but retain my sense of humour.
Any find is a bonus and what a bonus this new Forum is.
I know that Jan will recognise my subject heading but if you don`t, I thought it was rather apt. Eustace Tuttle (Charles Hawtrey ) in the brilliant Carry on Abroad, nearly misses the coach as the rest of the crowd head off on a journey. Well I`m looking forward to this journey, fun, frivolity and finds amongst friends, Carry on Detecting, perfect.
Yesterday received a PM elsewhere, really pleased it was from Paul ( Kenleyboy ), who mentioned this new venture, to say I was chomping at the bit was an understatement.
Elsewhere, there had been more departures than Heathrow Terminal 1, mostly those I regard as friends, the arrival there of around 200 in the past week of newcomers was staggering.
Perusing the email, late afternoon after painting the decking, see 2 emails from Paul Cook, don`t get many personal emails, hardly any. Who is Paul Cook ? There is only one I know of perhaps the Pistols need me to fill in for Johnny Rotten. Open the email and it is Paul ( Kenleyboy ) for some reason I thought that was his surname. Email also from the Figgis, 2 people I know have emailed me in hours, normally may get one a month. Register on the new site and I`m in , ticket number 28 on the coach :D .Els Bels :thumbsup:
Did not have time to write this last night although I wanted to . So excited I could not sleep last night, just as well as I would have been sacked for sleeping on the job, no not that job. Bringing food and drink to the masses during nocturnal hours. Strangely on Friday night because the scissor lift is bust, having to use the tail lifts on the wagons, which is hairy when you have 500kg of booze or Frozen coming down a slope at you. Friday my luck nearly ran out, the wheels got jammed in the hinge plate and a cage of mainly Gin, pitched towards me at 45degrees, managed to stop it hitting the deck, luckily help was to hand on this occasion. Thinking about what could have been a disaahster afterwards, I had visions of the Figgis nearly choking on his Gin, when reading about this.
Finally just prior to writing my opening post, received an invite to attend the Anton Rally, which I will do on the Sunday after enjoying last years event. I`ll be the one socially distancing on the perimeter.
Stay safe everyone and it is really good to be back with the gang.
Cheers all , :thumbsup:
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Welcome in Dave, great to see your style of writing back on form :D
Looking forward to a Christmas Panto too if you find the time....

Charles Hawtrey
An extremely funny man, perfect comic timing

Well pull up a sandbag and take a look around fella :thumbsup:
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Lovely to see you join the party Dave :D

Looking forward to your always entertaining posts and hoping I might see you on the Anton Rally too. My email about it arrived today as well. Need to get it up the details in our rally section actually - I will later :thumbsup: Hope I see you there.

Anyways get your keyboard dusted off and get writing, we’d love to hear more about your adventures 8-)
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Hi Dave welcome, your lucky you caught us ,we just cast off . :D 👍
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coal digger
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Welcome to the forum Dave,please keep it formal and there is no room here for humour...it's a family forum :lol: :lol:
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coal digger wrote: Tue Jul 21, 2020 4:00 pm Welcome to the forum Dave,please keep it formal and there is no room here for humour...it's a family forum :lol: :lol:
Things aint cooking in my kitchen
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Ay up Dave!!
Great to have you aboard..... I can't decide whether the gin incident made Figgis break out in a cold sweat or lick his lips in anticipation. If you get a bloke applying for a job on the basis that he gets to keep breakages it will be him. :lol:
I still think it is your year for some more Saxon stuff. The crops are coming off!!
My son gave me the entire Carry On collection for my last birthday. I know them all almost by heart of course....but still. I am rationing them like fine wine. Charles Hawtrey had some great screen names. Walter Sweetly the cesspit cleaner. And my own favorite , :lol: Private Widdle.
Live long and prosper.
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Yes it was I who lured this shadowy night worker out from behind the tins of pre packed Pilchards and tins of Baked Beans . Welcome aboard Dave , the dim light of hope shall flicker evermore :thumbsup:
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You know, if that post had no name on it I'd know exactly who writ it. :D

Hi Dave and great to see you make it here, chap :thumbsup:
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Where there’s blame there’s a claim Dave. The no win boys would love the ‘they didn’t maintain or provide the right equipment’ cause.... 🤣
Welcome, enjoy the party
Always carefully proof-read what you've typed to see if you've any words out.
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Hiya Dave good of you to join us. :beers:
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Hi Dave. Nice to see another familiar name joining the crankies :lol: :lol:
Dave The Slave
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Thanks for all the comments.
Like a reunion.
God Luck everyone, :thumbsup:
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Great to see you Dave
Good luck out digging mate.
Clint :thumbsup:
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