Picked up a half-decent bird

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...for once. "Monkeyglands" Smith-Smith always held that my poor taste in servants was only exceeded by that in women, and he had a point, I suppose. For example, not many can count lady Turkish wrestlers as past paramours. Mind you, gin no doubt played its part in clouding me judgement and lies at the heart of all the bad calls and close shaves down the years. But I would like to point out at this juncture that Her Ladyship is the exception to the rule and I won't hear a bad word said about her. The fact she's just walked past holding a meat cleaver has nothing to do with that statement, and now I'm going to stop digressing before I get into very real trouble...

What ho,

Well, with the sun shining it would have been rude not to pop out for a few hours, eh? On arrival I discovered that the field was parched and hard-baked other than a broad strip that had been re-seeded after the rains had ruined it. This strip just happened to be over the Roman hotspot, too. Handy :thumbsup: So after a couple of celebratory snifters the coil was put to the dry, flat soil in the hope of a Roman brooch turning up, something which hadn't happened for ages. Roman silver would be nice, too.

The ground was fluffy and only mildly damp so conditions were nowhere near as good as last time out, but the bonus was not getting caked in mud and having to wipe it off with Great Aunt's wig every couple of minutes. Even so, there were plenty of signals but nothing of note until a nice little quatrefoil stud turned up, followed by some ancient partefacts and a Roman grot. Up until the drinks break it was more a case of "interesting" rather than "blimey!" but that didn't matter - the scoreboard was ticking over nicely and it was a glorious day to be out.

Resuming, suitably refreshed, I soon had a booming signal which turned out to be an aircraft round (that's three from this area), and a similar signal deafened me a few paces on. I thought it was another round but it turned out to be a monster of an angling weight, complete with some line. Eh? How on earth did that get here? Never found one before. Maybe one of the WWII pilots ran out of ammo and started lobbing fishing tackle at his opponent, who knows? Again, unusual rather than remarkable, but that was to change a few paces on.

The trouble with the conditions was that while the soil was damp enough to hold together when wafting the bit of clod containing the target over the coil, it crumbled quite easily when breaking it down, resulting in a few finds falling onto the ground unnoticed, resulting in a puzzled expression, a swearword, a blow to Jenks and a search of the immediate area to reclaim the prize. This happened after a dodgy-but-let's-have-a-look signal and I had a great deal of trouble finding the confounded thing again. Indeed, I was on the point of giving up when it finally revealed itself and the "probably a bit of foil" morphed into a particularly dark Henry III Canterbury cut half. No wonder I couldn't see the damned thing against the soil, even when it was virtually against the pinpointer.
I've been fortunate enough to have found several types of Roman brooch, and when the dicky bird showed up I punched the air (after punching Jenks) thinking I had a duck brooch, a type I've not found before. But having now cleaned it up I think it's more likely a mount but, regardless, it's a lovely find and I'll post it up in the ID section to see what people think. (Thread is here)

So, all-in-all a great day out and looking forward to continuing the search on this patch, hopefully after a bit of rain.
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Pip pip :thumbsup:
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Your good lady is just that my man, a good lady :clapping:
(I too sensed the meat cleaver)

Nice Henry cut there fella :clapping:
Ground is rock hard round these parts at moment.....and no i'm not praying for rain :lol:
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Good read that, poor Jenks, should of paid heed to the Duck :lol: :lol: :thumbsup:
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