At last a hammy for Id first one with detail of 2021

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Think this one is a Edward but which one and mint etc would be great
Cheers paint’
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Edward I 9a - Canterbury.

A ;)
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Nice clear Coin that ! :thumbsup: Doesn`t seem to be any clipping hardly on it unless that`s a bit at bottom right hand side on first picture but all in all a Nice coin indeed & well done finding it. :thumbsup:
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"with detail" is a bit of an understatement its an absolute beauty!
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As Frank Carson used to say 'It's a cracker!' :thumbsup:
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That's got some rare detail on it. Nice one :thumbsup:
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That's a belter, I always love a hammered and that's a beauty. :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved.
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Lovely to see an Eddie in such great condition. They really are beautiful coins aren’t they :D
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Very nice indeed Paint, was it from pasture ? Looks like the day it was dropped :thumbsup:
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