Belated Birthday Beach Bash.

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Dave The Slave
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This was the session i had planned for Monday but things did not go to plan.
Today the stars had aligned.
Work had asked me to do overtime last night and were grateful for any hours i could do.
Well a situation i could use to my advantage, or as Blackadder would say, " i have a cunning plan ".
Finish at 5am, would give me an hour and a half and so it happened.
Hit the beach at 5.30am.
Stiff breeze, that was actually taking the wind chill below zero.
The aim was to search an area, where groyne replacement work had taken place. The sand had been excavated down to at least 10ft and then put back all jumbled up. The hope was to find a couple of Pre- Decimal coins, hopefully a Silver or partial Silver being in there, as they are rare finds for me.
Arrived at the areas, mainly bottle tops, most of them said Corona :thumbdown: . In years to come these will be a stark reminder of the Pandemic.
After half an hour, dug out a decent sized Silver coloured ring from the dry sand alongside a groyne..
Pleased with that. Searched to the furthest groyne then came back on a different route. Another signal found a slimmer Silver coloured ring.

Two in a session has never happened before. Yet to find a Gold one.
Session over, arrived back home. Jewellers loupe out. Slim ring, Silver coloured copper. Chunky ring, no hallmarks, which was disappointing but at least i had found them, Also managed a couple of Decimal Half Groats ;) and a hefty 6oz lead weight.
Best thing was i did not have to wake up early for beach detecting, therefore it did not cost me any of that rare commodity called sleep.
Hoping for a hot summer with plenty of monetary deposits in the Bank of Sand.
Cheers everyone, :thumbsup:
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Well done Dave you did good finding two rings. :thumbsup: It keeps the adrenaline level up when thy appear like that. It proves one thing if nothing else, their still there waiting to be had.
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Fair play to you sir after a hard days night working :thumbsup:
I always dream of finding a ring on the beach, but from experience of days gone by its always had 'pull' at the end of the ring :lol:
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Hats off to you for taking the opportunity when it arises , those last minute dash outs can sometimes pay off which it did in this case . Fair play and well found :thumbsup:
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Opportunism can have its rewards and you have to call that a good result.
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Well the sand gods decided to give you a couple of nice presents :Party: Glad you got out with no alarm clock stress. I guess nights does have advantages after all 8-)
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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