Review of my 2020/21 Season

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Dave The Slave
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After a dismal 2019/20 inland Season, only one FLO notifiable find. Freezing temps, plenty of mud and not much sun, while trying to detect Maize stubble, 2020/21 had to be better.
On learning which field i would be detecting this season, which was across the road from last years, studied the maps, Lidar etc, nothing stood out. Ah well.
The day arrived to start the season and did the usual thing of going along one boundary. Only find of note for me was a George 1st Halfpenny, pretty much indecipherable, as they usually are.
The first 4 visits did not yield much at all. Was pleased to find a 1940 2 Shilling in pretty good nick and probably my favourite item which was lead and after a bit of Trans Atlantic help turned out to be a US Chemical Warfare Services lead seal.
The 5th visit started in the same vein, bit of gridding and then some freestyling. It was a good job i decided to have a wander as the end of this session, which i have touched on but you don`t know the developing story. It was to define the season and changed my focus. First signal in that new area was a 62 on the 400i which normally denotes Silver, extracted a small coin, which had the look of a Roman, checked the hole again, this time a 78 and it was a Roman. Three more successive signals proved to be Romans, my first pre 1750 finds for 2 seasons. What i did not tell you on the original post viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1078&p=10388#p10388
was i had 4 more Romans from a small area. As soon as i had a signal and saw the magic number, knew it was Roman before even digging.
On leaving the site knew i had a possible hoard.
Luckily that week was off and made another visit. This session eventually yielded 7 more Romans all from the same area.
Following week straight to the area 12 signals, 10 Romans. On arriving home emailed the FLO for advice and to report possible hoard, Given permission to keep searching area . However this was not before the November, 4 week restrictions. No detecting :thumbdown: .
Went to a meeting with the FLO to hand in the Romans and the reported 26 had become 34. Had made 2 more visits post restrictions which had yielded, 2 Roman, 6 Romans and an 1840 Farthing.
What was to be my final visit before losing the rest of the season to lockdown, ended up on a different field but certain i had retrieved all the Roman.
Had 4 months of no detecting due to lockdown and the seasons stats were 9 visits, 224 items dug from 33 hrs detecting.
When lockdown was lifted, the crops were in, so restricted to mooching around in the wood. This yielded 2 more coins from 5 visits, including a really nice 1942 Sixpence, taking the coin tally for the season to 39, my best season so far. Also dug up another 114 items of metal.
Extremely disrupted season , basically lost 4 months of detecting, a chance wander yielded my favourite coinage beginning with R .
Roll on the Harvest.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
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Well done that man :clapping: ......shame the year was pickled with staying home issues, but the coins were and are still there for you waiting
Bet you were itching to get this out for us to see, but well handled in the mean time :thumbsup:
Bodes well for other fields in the vicinity too, i hope
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Blimey, that hoard must go at least some way to give you a smile after such a disrupted season :thumbsup:

Great write up and hope you get to add to them lovely coins when you can get back on the field
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Well done Dave, I bet that knowing anticipation of the next Roman coin was quite fun! :thumbsup:
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Must be lovely to find a hoard and then having the anticipation of adding to it on subsequent visits :clapping: very well done!
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