Saved from the kilner jar

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Had a day out on Saturday , ground very dry, signals few and far between, slim pickings indeed.
Did manage two clog clasps, one Victoria halfpenny , two shorties and two scrubbed George? ? half pennies.

On my desk at home I have three kilner jars, one for musket balls,one for buttons and one for scrubbed coins. Why I keep them I'm not sure, but I suspect I'm not alone.
It was on the way to the kilner jars to deposit the two scrubbed Georges, that I noticed on one of them what looked like a tail of a horse on .
On closer inspection in a certain light ,I could make out a horse and rider very faintly.
On the reverse, a large shield, my first thoughts were perhaps a Charles 1st copper fake, but the horse and rider were facing the wrong direction. Back to square one.

After more research, ruling out coin and looking at tokens, it turns out to be a Conder token. Dated 1791 William 3rd horse and rider colonial conder token for Jonathan Garton and co. a linen and drapers business in Hull, all be it a very poor example of one.

So this what I thought was another scrubbed George was saved from the kilner jar by a trick of the light and become an interesting little find.
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Wonder what else lurks in peoples jars and tubs etc :thumbsup:
Well spotted though, still shows a keen eye :clapping: :ugeek:
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Thanks Blackadder for sorting pics. :thumbsup:
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Well spotted :thumbsup:

Nice when that happens.
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Just had one of these moments as well so I can relate how chuffed you are! :thumbsup:
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Glad you found a match! Love it when that happens :clapping:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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