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I mentioned a while back how forum member "Bob the Log' had secured a small pasture permission, and how he saved it for when I was feeling somewhat better than I had been. Well today I had an extra day off, due to a hospital appointment, so shouted Bob to see if he fancied a couple of hours on the newly damp fields? unfortunately Bob had a job to do so I went alone, I took the ORX to see how it behaved on pasture, but that is a story for another time.
I had been there about an hour when the farmer pulled up, I introduced myself as we had not met, and all was good, he spent a few minutes chatting about some general finds I had made, and normal farm stuff like lack of rain, rabbits, and such like, he then asked me if I would mind looking for a padlock lost last year on an adjoining field, of course not, so off i trotted in the said direction, and then turned around and trotted back, padlock in hand :thumbsup: :lol: to say he was stunned was an understatement, he had looked on various occasions but could never find it, I found it right where I thought it would be in one swing of the detector.

A good deed done, a happy farmer, and a recovered padlock. And best of all, a new field we never knew about :Party: :Star:
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Nice one, everyone's a winner :thumbsup:
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Shows that it can be an amicable 2-way street. Nice :thumbsup:
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Well done, Kev. :clapping:
Locks are for locking and unlocking. You just unlocked the adjoining field.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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It goes to prove ,one good favour deserves another . You did well :thumbsup:
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If only life was like that all the time.
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Boom, great result..... XP does it again :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :D
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Karma is good a turning up when you least expect it. Well done Kevin :Party:
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