Not been out for a while...

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What with restrictions and "life" I`ve only been out detecting once since September 2020.
So today was the second day out and it was bliss, only 6 folk on 30 acres so social distancing was easy and we`ve all been jabbed as we are old! Didn`t realise how "detecting weak" I had become!!
Morning with the CTX and couple of hours in the afternoon with the Vanquish.
Tons of signals and one knackered old bloke later..... 2 hammered. That`ll do.
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Nice photo, I like that :thumbsup:
I noticed it to when I got back out, as ive had time off work as well, my knees never touch the ground when digging but its a lot more difficult to crouch know, what with the knees and the belly :lol: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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That’ll do sure enough. Well found.

Love the display. One up on my bananas (old joke) :thumbsup:
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Always good to get out mate and good going finding the hammereds. At least you haven't lost your touch :thumbsup:
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Great weather for it and a great result, well done! :thumbsup:
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Nice to get two hammies in a session. Great on your first dig out in ages too :D
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Now, that's what you have to class as a triumphant return :thumbsup:

I hear you regarding being "detector fit" but the only way to address that is to get out a lot. Try getting a sick note from the quack in case of any objections ;)
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I know exactly how you fee, as a couple of weeks ago I finally "emerged" after a long spell off detecting due to as you say this, that n the other, they all seem to add up to not being able to get out (if you follow the rules for starters ) :D
And I had a great result too. So happy days :thumbsup:
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Nice to see you back out JC :clapping:
Love the Hammered photo shoot too, nature and history in one
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Great photo, should adorn the cover of a detecting magazine.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Two hammereds in a session, is a great day in my book.
Great pics :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved,
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