New Multi Kruzer so here I go

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4 weeks ago i got myself a Multi Kruzer, yesterday I took it out of the box for the first time and had a play with it out in the garden. I must admit, I am not much cop at reviews but can only say that I was pleasantly impressed with everything, not to heavy, screen display, button layout and the amount of settings and options. Today, I will take it out to my permission and have a serious dabble for a few hours.
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Always good to get a new toy and get out in a field to see how it runs
Good luck and keep us informed on how it goes
Honest reviews are always the best from people actually using the machines :thumbsup:
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Good Luck :thumbsup:
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Best of luck with it Steve. Don’t forget to report back :thumbsup:
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How did it go? Yes, yes, patience ain't my strong point ;)
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Well you seem to like and get on with it so always makes for a positive start. :thumbsup:
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Its the sister to to the Anfibio and they can punch deep with the right settings put in for the conditions on the day . The Iron separation can sometimes be a bit hit n miss if its the same with the Kruzer as it is with the Anfibio but over all a very versatile and deep detector ,but like I said you have to have the right settings " in play " on the day to bring out the best of it.. :thumbsup:
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Always heard goid things about the multi kruzer. Be really interested to know how you get on :thumbsup:
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Thanks all for your comments. Well I had 2 1/2hrs in the field and thoroughly enjoyed it despite a lack of decent finds and it being extremely windy. I started off with the Ground Balance which was easy and straight forward, I did this in 3 locations each time getting the same GB reading. I did not change any of the factory settings other than alternating between 14 & 19Khz frequencies. The field I was in I have done many times before both with Garret Ace 250 and CTX so I was surprised at the amount of very small pieces of Moulton metal I picked up which I had never done before so look out all you cut quarters and halves. One puzzler for me was when I picked out a good clear signal in 14Khz and when going over it in 19Khz absolutely nothing. Anyway I dug the target and out came an unrecognizable coin. Not sure what that was all about but I guess when I get into the settings properly I might have a better understanding. I had a few inevitable tricksters in the form of broken farm equipment and as well as the coin, I had one button and a nice small trade weight with no visible markings. Overall I was very happy with the Multi Kruzer and I feel we will be partners for a few years and hopefully bringing to the surface a bit more history.
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