It’s Blackadder day!

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It’s Bruce’s birthday today :Party: I hope you have a lovely day Bruce, even if you are unable to have a big, wild party :D

Hope you get lots of cake :Luv Ya:
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Dave The Slave
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Happy Birthday, Bruce. :Party:
Thanks for setting all this up. :clapping:
Hope you get a cake festooned with your, favourite Jelly Beans.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Hey, have a great day, that man :thumbsup:

Please accept this virtual gift...
(Sorry, I et all the black ones :oops: )
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Happy birthday BA🥳🥂🎂
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Happy birthday Bruce. have a great day mate :thumbsup:
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Have a great day matey! :thumbsup: :Party:🍺 🍰
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Count de Washers
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Many Happy Returns Blackadder, enjoy, :thumbsup:
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Happy Birthday Bruce 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Hope you have a great day
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Happy birthday Bruce :Party: is the number of jelly beans in figgs picture a clue to your age :D
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Happy birthday Blackadder
Many happy returns. :Party: :Party:
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coal digger
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Have a good one buddy,cd👍👍👍
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Happy birthday BA :thumbsup: :Party: :Party:
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Hope you had a great birthday BA & are still celebrating!
Clint :Party:
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Happy birthday Bruce, hope you had a great day. :Party:
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Awwww fank you all for the good wishes :Luv Ya: .....I'll deal with oxgirl later for letting the cat out of the kangaroo's pouch :lol:

Its been a great day, many visits from folk we havent seen in a while, phone has been ringing a lot too :Party:
And now i'm gonna park me bones and slurp a brew....and i might throw a televison out the window (you have to be of a certain age to get that one :lol: )
Rock and roll in our house :lol:
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