My stubble field.

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I treat each new field as an individual project and use a GPS to plot certain older finds on GE to build a fuller picture of the unwritten history.
All of my local permissions for the last few years have been pasture and I've had plenty of nice and interesting finds from them, a few hammies, a few Roman, a couple of Saxon brooches, even a very nice papal bulla, but mainly Victorian stuff. Fairly recently I also gained a local stubble field which is proving to be quite interesting. Targets are relatively few but even so I still don't believe that it has ever been detected before, I just think that it has escaped having night soil and much trash dumped on it, so maybe kind of like a snapshot in time of the Georgian farm?
It's about 30 acres but the current 6” of dense stubble makes it quite limiting so I've only really had about 2 acres of it to go at for now. There's been quite a few crusty Georgian coins so far as to be expected but also some pretty decent older finds spanning a good date range.
This is just the order in which they were found.

A copper/alloy vessel leg.

A Queen Mary groat of 1553/4.

A James I half groat of 1604.

A King John penny 1199 – 1216.

A Henry III penny 1216 – 1272.

A lead hornbook of 1500 – 1633, found as two separate targets apart.

A lead/alloy bust item?

A lead/alloy sundialish type item?

Hopefully some more similar finds will show from the remaining 28 acres of it when the stubble is gone or at least breaks down more? The above finds have all been at least 30m apart. One area was full of pre-decimal pennies and a few weights. It's just a really nice untrashy project which the landowner (not a farmer) plans to put back to pasture soon, he has strong family connections with this particular locality and even plans to re-install the original field boundaries from the historic maps that I have provided. I think that when it's ploughed and harrowed then field walking could be quite interesting?
I'll add any other interesting finds from it here.
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Ahhh Easylife
Great thread mate, i know full well the amount of work involved in setting such a thread up, so thanks for your time and effort :thumbsup:

I think once that stubble rots down a bit then you are going to be finding a few more nice items :D

That King John penny is cracker too, as are all the finds so far :thumbsup:

Will be interesting to follow this adventure on this 30acre field and see what else it hides
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Wow great finds. Love that Mary, never had any coin from her rein and would adore one. Superb photos too.

Looking forward to seeing the next finds unearthed there :D
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A very good session.
Particularly like the lead Hornbook, can`t recall seeing one of those before. Did well to find both parts.
Always good to see a different find.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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That John penny is lovely :thumbsup:
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Well done, EL. That's a very interesting site you've got there. :thumbsup:

A ;)
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A 1578 Elizabeth I three pence.
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A nice selection, silver too :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Wow ! What an array of finds.
Love the hammereds
Well found and well saved :thumbsup:
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