Mk30 Bomb Fuse Pistol

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I have been having a tidy up as I haven't been out recently due to the crops being too high. I always had a thought this could have been either part of a bomb as it was found on the old airfield or a bit off a tractor. Always wary of things that might go bang it has been in a corner of the garage for a while but today I saw there was some writing on it. So a quick google gave me the confidence to give it a bit more of a clean.

It is a No 30 MK VI bomb tail pistol which is in effect a firing pin. It would be connected to the tail propellers on the bomb which would arm it in the air and when the bomb struck the ground the firing pin would over come the spring and set off the detonator. There are the remains of the spring and pin in the smaller end and the arming vanes on the large end.

Always be wary of potential ordinance and make sure you know what it is before using a wire wheel on it or poking it with a screwdriver. If in doubt, leave it where it is and report it.

Here is an article on them by RRPG ... d-pistols/




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Nice find Dave, I like that, looks like it would clean up nicely :thumbsup:
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Pretty much everything I have on display is ancient but I really like that and would deffo buff it up and stick it on the mantlepiece.
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Have heard of these but not seen one before.
Interesting link with diagrams of the various parts.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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