Good weekend, one off the bucket list

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I have a local permission that has a lot of Roman activity on it and I have not had much chance to visit it over the last few years mainly for cropping and shooting reasons. It just so happened the land owner pocket dialled me the other day so I called him back and he said they had prepared but not drilled the strips of cover crop so I was more than welcome to detect. I was hoping for Roman bits as one field has given over 60 coins but that was covered in beans.

First find of note was the rose farthing. You know your detector is working when they show up. Then not too far away was a nice condition William and Mary tin farthing. The best condition one I have. Close to that was what looks to be Saxon or medieval casket decoration?

My final find has always been on my bucket list, a commonwealth coin. The soil was quite loose and when I scraped back the top it was there looking at me, a Commonwealth penny. Find of the year.


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Yep you certainly know your machine is working when you find those Rose Farthings, so thin....
Not a bad trip out and 1 from the bucket list is always good :thumbsup:
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Superb finds bag :Star:

I have a soft spot for those tin coins. I have a few but only one with any detail. Anyone who doesn’t know how badly these things survive look very disappointed upon even seeing a good one and I then want to shake them cause any detail on them is amazing and they are very interesting coins!

Love the commonwealth :Party: They have always alluded me too. There seems to be a gap on my fields where the prolific number of rose farthings from Charles I and James I do not continue into the commonwealth period for some weird reason then continue onto Charles II and James II. Nice to see some fields have both! There’s hope yet

No idea on the other thing - It looks later than Saxon to me but I’m no expert!
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Well done on the commonwealth coin don’t see many of them looks like an interesting field :thumbsup:
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Nice haul there,
Well done on the commonwealth ! never had one myself, bucket lister for me too.
Well found and well saved :thumbsup:
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A great result no doubt with more promise to come, so ride the wave! Just one Commonwealth for me so far but not off my own, they're nice and different though! :thumbsup:
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Well done. It's always nice to be able to tick off something you've been after for a while :thumbsup:
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Good selection of finds.
The Tin Farthing has done well to survive.
Commonwealth Penny is something that i would be pleased to find. Quite a distinctive design with the 2 shields.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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