a few finds , dug and undug

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It has been an interesting weekend as far as finds go and I had my first time out on the land for a while but will be my last until late august when its going to be stubble bashing for a while .
My last field trip was sparse on the finds except for plenty of buttons and a couple of worn coins but best find was this little coin or token which once again amazed me that the little loop attached had survived . I am guessing someone had made use of it as a little pendant . I think its George 111 but cannot find anything more at the moment .
20210531_210456_resized[6264]Token monarch.jpg
20210531_210548[6265] token reverse.jpg
That was aboiut it for me as far as metal detecting went as a finale but enjoyable all the same . Sunshine , no rain and the sky was full of swifts and swallows , finally summer seems to have arrived .

The impressive Groat was my next find but I have to confess that I did not dig this coin although I wish that I had . A sunny weekends car booting and markets and I got lucky with this in amongst a tin of trashy odds and sods . I never buy coins , much prefer to dig them but this was just too good to walk away from and a chance find for next to nothing .
I think at a guess Edward111 ? Not my speciality hammered coins and monarchs but I am learning .
20210529_123237[6251] Groat 2.jpg
20210529_123218[6267]hammered groat reverse .jpg
Different car boot , different day and another find in the shape of this impressive cabinet , a lot more expensive than the hammered coin but still very cheap and I was surprised this had not been snapped up earlier as this sort of thing doesnt hang around for long . All I need to do now is fill it with some finds .
20210529_182831_resized_1[6268]display cabinet.jpg
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Brass, George III 'spade' guinea gaming token & Yep, Edward III London groat. :thumbsup:

A ;)
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Oh wow I need to go to some car boots! :shock: Both your finds there are lovely!

Love the spade guinea token. Coincidentally I bought a couple of those in lovely condition at a boot fair two years ago :D
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A gaming token for sure as I have found some too. A shame it's your last outing for a while but am sure you'll be quite keen again by then. I also happened to visit a car boot sale today and had I seen such a magnificent chest I would likely have bought it too! But there were mainly just dust collectors and clutter for sale. Though I did toy with the idea of buying a job lot of mainly foreign coins, but then thought better of it! But I was also kind of half tempted by four old small bottles with original labels for a tenner, but then thought that I should maybe be selling not buying? A great result on all counts for you. :thumbsup:
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Them spade guinea tokens turn up quite a lot and I wonder if they were used for currency?

Well done on the car boot finds, by the way. I know there are bargains to be had but I just don't have the required patience to find them, unlike her ladyship who will trawl through every box available.
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Good find the Spade Guinea.
Have got one myself, although that came in a large bag of old Pennies etc, that came from my grandad.
Various examples and the manufacturer normally included their name in the legend.
That`s a great chest, Paul, sure that would have been snapped up very quickly and it would not surprise me if someone on here PM`d you about acquiring it.,
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Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Allectus wrote: Mon May 31, 2021 10:48 pm Brass, George III 'spade' guinea gaming token & Yep, Edward III London groat. :thumbsup:

A ;)
Thanks Allectus :thumbsup:
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Loving all your finds, chest included,
Great Edward !
Well found and well saved :thumbsup:
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