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Hello everybody, and thanks for the invite Andi

I recognise a few names already.

I’m Kev from Leicester, I’ve been detecting for about 2 years now since I bought a Deus with the spare cash from selling my classic bike.

I don’t go very often, and have yet to find much worth writing about, but enjoy the peace, tranquillity and anticipation when I do go, and reading about others discoveries in this interesting hobby.

I’ve just blown all my saved petrol money on an Equinox 800 too, mainly as I think it will be better in wet sand than the Deus, which always seems a bit jittery on the beach, I swung it for the very fist time Monday, so think a bit of head scratching and hair pulling is forecast.

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Hi Kev and welcome aboard. The Nox is great on the beach as well as on land, I think you'll really enjoy it. Any queries about it just ask. :thumbsup:
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Hi Kev, welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll enjoy using your Equinox once you get used to it. :thumbsup:
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Hiya and welcome in Kev :thumbsup:

I live 5 minutes walk from our local beaches, and 5 minutes drive from another part of the beach that is notorious for bringing up old ammunition and bombs etc
Only yesterday a Nox owner dug up a piece of live ordinance that had to be dealt with by the bomb guys
I know 3 people who all use a nox on our beaches and they are always finding some good stuff
So i think you will be happy with its performance in beach mode :thumbsup:
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Welcome Kev :thumbsup: Don’t go digging up no ammunition on the beach - hope you find more interesting stuff than that :D
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Hi Kev and welcome, shame not to be seeing you at Rodney Cooke memorial rally this year.

Bob :thumbsup:
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All right Kev, welcome aboard..... so you’ve turned to the dark-side with the Nox..... but I can’t hold that against you mate :D :D
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Thanks all, for the welcome and the comments.

Hi Bob, yes it’s a shame, but I don’t really think they had any choice really unfortunately.

Hi Andi, the dark side, yes was thinking the same myself, that's the problem with having a credit card, internet connection and being available to accept deliveries :)

Yes, I think I will like the Nox when I get used to it, thanks for the offers of help Easylife, I anticipate a learning curve and will no doubt have many questions along the way.

First impressions are favourable though, I really like the Deus, but on the same stretch of beach, this really is something else, I left it in beach 1 as per factory settings as there didn’t seem much point twiddling with it until I understand it a little, and I was surprised how quiet and stable it was, yet still being sensitive to very tiny grains of sunken lead and aluminium.

All very early days of course, there is a lot to learn, but I’m looking forward to trying it out on land in the next few days.
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Wotcha Kev, and welcome aboard, chap :thumbsup:

Whatever you use and wherever you use it, be sure to let us know how you get on
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