Successful Raid on the Bank of Sand.

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Dave The Slave
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Have traditionally taken the first week of Annual leave to coincide with the Half Term holidays.
Normally get out detecting at least once during this period.
After reading Joe`s post about it being quiet lately and replying that i had miles of beach 10 minutes away, realised i needed to get down there pretty sharpish.

Today being the 77th Anniversary of D Day and having been reminiscing earlier in the week about my Grandfather, who was a Royal Marine back then, it was time to swing into action.

Alarm clock set for 4.15am this morning, went off but darker than it should have been , so set it for another 9 minutes. Went off again, time to go. Normally happy to find a couple of quid when detecting the beach but this morning set a target of £5, not unachievable.

Arrive at the beach at 5am, expecting to see tents on the sand but no, the Council have done a good job in enforcing the No Camping on the Beach policy.

Start detecting an area i have done well from in the past. Basically the first piece of beach you see after parking in the Car Park if you`re` a visitor. Whereas i park at the road leading to the Car Park where it is free. Signal within 10 secs, 20p a good start. Check hole, another signal , another 20p ,and another, 60p is a good start. Next swing uncovers the first Pound coin. Always glad to get one of those in the back pocket. Find another mini spill, which is 3x £1 coins. Half an hour in already have my Fiver.

Couple of men in Black detectorists turn up at 6ish, one goes one way, one the other. Keep going in my patch of about 20mx 20m. Couple more coins.. The one guy who is not too far away, sees i`m not moving from the area and detects off down to the far end of the groyne. Extending my area by another 20mx 10m, find a £2 coin and 3 x£1 coins in another mini spill. Now have a Tenner in around an hour and a half. Only had double figures 6 times previously from the Beach.

The other guys give up after around an hour. By this time i have found another 2x £2 pound coins, only ever found 3 in a session once before and that was 7 years ago.
Spend another hour going to the far end of the Groyne area, mainly bottle tops. The message about Covid was all to evident, with one brand of bottle top,
most of these had come from an area where a couple of gatherings of Barbecueists/drinkers had taken place.
Time to head back to the car. Once there totted up the takings, £16.02, very pleased with that exceptional amount, from just over 2.5hrs.
At home checked my records, previous best was £12.79 , seven years ago. To find this sum you need to be fortunate to find a couple of mini pocket spills, as they soon mount up, which this morning i did.
Just in case you forgot what cash looks like, in this age of card payments.
A great but exceptional session.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Great write-up, Dave :thumbsup:

I have to say I'm more familiar with bottle tops than cash these days. (Actually, that was probably always the case!)
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figgis wrote: Sun Jun 06, 2021 6:12 pm Great write-up, Dave :thumbsup:

I have to say I'm more familiar with bottle tops than cash these days. (Actually, that was probably always the case!)
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Well done I'd call that a good result, all shiny recent losses so spendable. But where are the gold rings? :D :thumbsup:
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Must have been a fun day :D Nice to beat a target too :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Maybe I should have kept my detector a bit longer. That’s just the sort of session I predicted after half the U.K. invaded the beaches.
It’s something that hasn’t happened for many years. In recent times Ive walked and detected my local beaches and even on nice days have been surprised at how few people were there and few finds have come up.
Looks like the flow of beach finds might carry on for some time. Long may it last.
Good to see :thumbsup:
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I rarely detect beaches, but they can make a nice change if only to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.

The start of that session is identical to mine the other day. First signal 20p :thumbsup: walk on a few yards and find a purse spill 4 x10p and a 5p :thumbsup: So after a couple of minutes 65p :thumbsup:

After 2 1/2 hrs head back to car, total finds 65p :thumbdown: :thumbdown:

Suddenly get the best signal of the morning and dig a model racing / sports car ..... think that a young lad I know would like that as I brush the sand off .... but suddenly get a "What have you found?" and rather than it being from an adult its from a boy about 4 yrs old so hand it to him.

Karma. Next signal is a 50p

After a very tasty and well deserved ice-cream (served with a smile and warning "Watch out for the seagulls") find £1.

I know beach detecting is not everybodies idea of fun and you can dig a lot of ring pulls / bottle tops / misc rubbish for only a few spendables but it is a way to get out if you are struggling with lack of detectable inland permissions.

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