Bank of Sand Trashed and looted

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Dave The Slave
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Thought i had worked the system perfectly but the lack of lorry drivers, as reported last week by the Road Haulage Association, put paid to that.
Asked if i could work Sat Night, due to hols.
Fair enough, said i would work until 4.30am, that way i could get a 3hr session on the beach. Did say if the lorry was late would stay on. Yep, late delivery. Ended up staying until 7.30am, straight home for a sleep.
This morning up at 4.30am, don`t like doing that when i`m at work tonight, will be 28 hrs without sleep when i finally get into bed tomorrow.
Hit the beach just before 5 and it was like the aftermouth of a Viking raid. ... h-weekend/
Where i had done well last week, some lazy individual had left a double inflatable mattress. Why on earth would you need one of those on the beach. The amount of bottles, disposable barbecues and bags of rubbish littering the sand was ridiculous. There was even a Dining room chair, near the water, must have been taken from a pub or B&B.. Couple of pushchairs, people could no doubt get packed back into the car. Last week the beach was virtually pristine.
Plenty of signals, all bottle tops. Barbecue coals everywhere, not one coin. Reluctantly hit my wicket after an hour and decided to drive 3 miles down the coast. Arriving at the new location, saw a load of poseurs doing weights in the car park i walk through and could not be doing with that. When i go detecting i like the quietness, not sifting through tons of refuge and sharing the beach with the look at me " keep fit " brigade.
Not often i`m out for a Duck on the beach but today was one of those rare occasions. Probably give it another go, in a couple of weeks or so.
Good luck anyone still detecting.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
Pete E
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I think you've just summed up why I can't warm to beach detecting....
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Far too many scumbags on this planet - maybe the Chinese can develop a furture Covid that only targets scumbags :x

I've tried beach dectecting - it's not for me
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