best trade token I have found...

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Evening All,
Just a quick one to give tiny plug to a video I have just made and put quite a lot into - in case anyone interested - it features a good early buckle and corking East Anglian trade token amongst other bits ( some kindly ID'ed by the Hub ( which I give a push and a link!))
Many thanks
Stand Easy!

P.S In case anyone worried about the onions I was in, I met with the farmer on the field, who assured me it was absolutely fine providing I kept off the thick areas!

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Ye gods, that token is outstanding :o

I totally understand your feelings about handing it over to the farmer, but it's a good thing to do as it will have more meaning for them. :thumbsup:
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That is a stunning token there fella, they dont normally come out like that :clapping:

It does make you wonder how the currency and money printing scheme worked back then
I mean anyone could produce tokens and potentially flood the market, so there must have been some sort of structure involved
Looks like some investigation is in order to satisfy my curious mind
Great video as per :thumbsup:
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Just watched your video, Alex.
Very lucky your Farmer allows you to detect once the crop is in.
As for the sandy soil , pure luxury, far better than the stony ground i detect.
Great start with the Roman, superb condition.
Liked the little urn object.
Not found a Trade Token as yet but yours is a great example.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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