Robinson's badges.

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I know that they are not "politically correct" now but Robinson's "Gollywog" badges were very popular in the past, at their height in the 1950-70s, and there are still a lot of collectors out there.

But more significantly for detectorists we still find them now.

This is the best resource I have found for dating them. It also has masses of background information, and details of other Robinson's "Gollywog" items (most of which I was not aware of). ... 2_optimize

PS: Sorry no prize for guessing what I found this evening :)
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Can remember my Maternal Gran, saving the labels and sending off for Them in the early 70`s.
Now for a weird admission.
I was born in 1965, my brother in 1967, most youngsters have a Teddy, one of us had a Golly, that sat in the bedroom chair. Think it just sat there as we did not play with the thing. Come to think of it, can`t even recall us having a Teddy, perhaps Boys did not back then.
Robinsons, Evan, evokes happy early childhood memories.
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Hello from the band :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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"Robinson's "Gollywog" badges."


Robertson's ! ;)