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It's been while..... After an extremely busy / stressful time at work combined with the lack of nearby detectable land, I have been out much recently. I did however manage to get out for a few hours yesterday though. I got a call from the farmer saying that he’d not seen me around for a while and telling me that the sheep had been moved on, so I was more than welcome to detect – perfect timing. The grass had been kept nice and short by a few hundred grazing sheep, and the soil was not too dry.
It was one of those days. It was a bit like England's Euro 2020(1) campaign..... had bags of potential, held my hopes, but failed to deliver the goods… but enough said about that.
Plenty of junk came up. From about 100 targets, these are the best bits.
The 2 bits of modern fake bling got the heart pumping, but it didn't last long when I saw Made in England stamped on the back of one.
The pauper’s ring was nice – first one I’ve had with a good pattern. I can see the stamps inside, but can't really make them out.
The navy button was also a nice find. I have several of these now from the same field – there must be a story here, as Warwickshire can’t get much further from the sea
The shillings, (I do like finding shillings, but prefer Victoria), were all from an area of about 5 square metres, so I guess these were from a pocket spill. Notice the condition of the 1940 Scottish shilling - this is how it come out of the ground. I've had a look but can't see any reason why these would withstand the wear and tear of the ground conditions more than the other 2. Any ideas gratefully received.
All in all, an enjoyable morning :D
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A good session by anyone's standards, that :thumbsup:

As to why the 1940 silver came out of the ground like that, lord knows. It has the same 50% silver content as the other two, but maybe it was alloyed differently? Or maybe sheltered from the effects of the soil somehow? Great display coin, though :thumbsup:
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Well done on the coins.
Few months back dug a 1940 Two Shilling and that came out similar condition.
Searching in woodland 100yds away, surface find in the carpet of leaves a1942 Sixpence and the lustre on that was really bright.
In theory they should all be the same with 50% Silver.
Perhaps the mint did some experimentation or may be as already said down to ground conditions.
Would have been pleased to find your finds.
Cheers :thumbsup:
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A few silver coins are always a good sign. Hard working digging again now though but glad you’re getting stuck in before it’s too dry.

All in all I bet it was nice to get out and not long before the harvest starts rolling in so you need to get back in practice :D
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A nice result. :thumbsup:
The larger bling looks like a clasp that was sewn to something. :Thinking:
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