Crotal Bells - Aldbourne Heritage Centre

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Pete E wrote: Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:55 pm Would they show on the Victorian OS maps.
Yes, if the pound still existed, marked as a 'Pinfold'. :thumbsup:
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Pete E wrote: Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:55 pm Hi Cath,

You've mentioned the "village pound" before, but I have never heard of them around here up in North Wales...

Would they show on the Victorian OS maps or is there some other way of finding them?

I recall looking at such maps for an old market town in mid Wales, and it showed the location of Water troughs on the main roads through the town leading to the cattle market...Not really useful for detecting, but a little bit of history as apparently one or two still survived...
The village pound was a feature of most villages in England, and I would have thought they were also used in Wales, by far the main use was to hold animals that had strayed until the owner reclaimed them (and paid for any damage they had done and for the time they were held in the pound)

I did a quick google search for "history of village pounds" and this was on of the first sites it listed and I found it was not only useful for the background on the village pound, but also an interesting insight in the Transcription of the Constables Book.

Easylife said about "Pinfold". -
Pinder/pindar/pindor/Pendor: derivative from OE gepyndan’ meaning to impound, shut up. Pinder, an officer of a manor who impounded stray beasts.

Edit: A further dig around confirmed that village pounds were used in Wales, but possibly not quite as common as in England
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Thanks Gents..

I had never heard of the term Pinfold in that context before, but a mile or from where I live there is a "Pinfold Industrial Estate" .which now sounds quite interesting....
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