How many different foreign coins have you found on one field

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I had a unusual day yesterday have been on a poor run lately so not posted much for quite some time this isn’t special but never found so many foreign coins in one session and over 30 coins in total including 3 roman grots, George 5th florin, and a FA cup coin for the 1972 final between Leeds United and Arsenal which was quit nice as I am a Leeds fan hope you enjoy looking at photos please let me know if any are unusual and if you have had more than this they were all found within 30square meters so must coin as a horde :thumbsup:
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Couple more photos
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Nice florin, looks a fun session. :thumbsup:
Looks like kids have been playing with them there. I think I've only found about three foreign coins on the same field before.
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I thought I had not see you posting recently Paint, so good to see you out and about and having a different "fun day".

I have had the odd foreign coin, but never more than 1 in a field.

With that mixture of countries and dates I am apt to agee with Easylife, and suspect that its the coins left over from the family holidays and the kids have got hold of them and been playing and then lost them.

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Nowhere near as many as that Paint 😯 am doing a field now and then that has a fair few though, mostly tokens and emergency issue coins though and although military buttons are not prolific, there are a few about.
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That’s a lot of coins and a lot of countries!

I have one field that has given me Rome mint Romans, jettons from Nuremberg, a Sterling imitation from John of Louvain (1285-1309) which is Luxembourg/Flanders sort of area, gun money from Ireland, a Venetian soldino and a modern coin from Senegal.
That’s quite a spread I guess too.

It’s nice to get a surprise on the coinage front.
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Discounting Romans, probably all minted abroad. Only ever found one overseas coin inland, 169? 4 Sols 2 Denier Louis XIV Silver.
Had the odd Euro/Cent from the beach, never more than one and probably less than 10 in total.
The Old Eire coins are sellable, think they can still swap them over in Eire.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I have an old orchard field that has a public footpath running through it. That's given up several overseas coins, mainly from war time era. I assume it was from either prisoners working the land, or from returning soldiers -predominantly French, Italian, German, Czech and Dutch. - certainly not in the numbers you've had though. :thumbsup:
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