Promising new permission only 1 acre

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Went out yesterday evening to ask for permission on this small field in a village I have been detecting for a while now it was next to a 1700 century farmhouse anyway permission gained and a bonus she was friends with her neighbour and rang her and I now have another 15 acre which used to belong to this farm it was my lucky day birthday next week early present 🎁 anyway went there this evening invited a friend and between us we found 3 hammies and a nice Bristol token in a couple of hours on about half an acre dream start my friend had a Elizabeth 1st sixpence and my two I think are Elizabeth 1st half groat and Charles 1st half groat there was a few more interesting things waiting for id on looking forward to my next visit sure it won’t be to long :thumbsup:
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Nice one Paint :thumbsup: Those little fields always get my heart racing, even better when they are in a village. There’ll be loads more too I bet.

Very nice start - savour that field cause ones like that don’t come along very often :Party:
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Well done Paint, what a lovely early birthday present those permissions are.

As I might well forget next week I will say "Happy Birthday" now.

I have always thought that one acre close to a village is worth 20 acres further aways from a village. Yours is certainly proving that with 3 hammies on the first visit. I have a small permission in the village and its probably my most productive.

I do like that Bristol token. I much prefer tokens to coins as you can research them and the history associated with them.

While looking at the Bristol token I found this site it does not show / ID individual tokens but has a great amount of information on the subject.

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Good on you, looks like you'll have a lot of fun and many more great finds there. :thumbsup:
Small permissions can often be more productive than large ones, it's a funny old game! :D
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Very nice finds
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Nice work, great to get off to a good start.
I’ve found a few of those Bristol tokens , found one on Saturday,but none in as good condition as yours.
Small permissions can be very good,I happened to be working in Gloucestershire earlier in the year and sent out a load of letters asking for permission hoping for somewhere to be detect after work .Only had two positive replies one being a farmhouse that only had 3 little fields that they use for horses which was a bit disappointing at first as I thought they’d have much more land but a short cross cut half second signal showed it was worthwhile.I’ve had a couple more nice hammys from there and hopefully more to come when conditions are right sometime.
As has already been said a small field in the right place is better than big fields in the wrong place.
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