Anglo-Saxon coin to fetch £200,000

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Oxgirl wrote: Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:09 pm For god sake what does a museum want with all these coins? Are they going to display them? Of course not.

How come antique paintings and furniture can be happily owned by private individuals but not coins? What can’t us ‘plebs’ be trusted to keep them safe and own them and touch and enjoy them. Why is it right for only a few academics to see them. They won’t ever be seen by any of us, the taxpayers, because they’ll be stuck in a drawer with the tens of thousands of other items in museum stores, never to see the light of day.

Surely HD photos and proper cataloguing is enough? They can’t analyse the gold properly without destroying it so why does the taxpayer need to fork out for a select few to look at it in their cotton gloved hands every few years.

It infuriates me - let it be admired and handled by someone. If you are going to fork out a fortune on the thing you are hardly going to not look after it very, very carefully.
It has a lot to do with who is calling the shots. For example the intention to capture Roman gold coins within the current Treasure Act Review is nothing new and this was proposed during the run up to previous Reviews which were not given the go ahead by HMG at the time. The main person pushing for this was Dr Roger Bland when he was Head of Treasure and the PAS. Why was he doing so ? simple he is a researcher into these coins publishing a number of papers on the subject and collaborated in the publication of a book on such coins.

Fast forward to the current Review and Roger Bland is now the Chair of the TVC...mmm makes you wonder.

Equally there are researchers/curators at the BM who are also interested in gold Anglo Saxon and later early medieval coins hence the wider intention to capture all the rare gold coins as Treasure simply on numismatic grounds for a few individuals to fondle.

And we still have the significance defintion of Treasure to sort out along with the gold coin issue.

I just hope the new gold Mancus find is genuine. At the time of the Coenwulf gold Mancus there were serious doubts as to its authenticity and people were speculating after the BM purchase of it when the next example would turn up.
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