Have you saw this unit???

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This just popped up on my feed on YouTube.

Found it very interesting.

Cannot really see a price for cost anywhere except on their website as a pre order.

I not really want one but .....it is kind of neat

I use the XP ORX and XP Deus Metal Detectors.
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Interesting, and possibly going along the right lines, but while it looks ok in its new state it appears to be made of plastic rather than carbon fibre so build quality might prove to be an issue with use, and I certainly wouldn't be trusting that phone holder in the field!

Basically, you're paying $250 (on Kickstarter) for a coil attached to a phone holder on a stick. It seems pricey to me, and their depth claims are iffy, too, so I'll pass on this occasion.
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Looks like a gimmick to me,what’s the point of a 7.5hz vlf machine in the U.K.?
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