Kimbo’s Boxted ‘Big Week’ charity weekend

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From Facebook

Treasure Hunting magazine is absolutely delighted to announce that Kimbo's Boxted 'Big Week' Charity Event will be taking place this year. Being held on prime land which has revealed numerous Celtic coins and other notable finds over the years. The name 'Boxted' (in Essex) itself now synonymous with such finds, good organisation, friendly atmosphere and just having a great hobby-based time - and of course Kimbo who needs absolutely no introduction for his passion, dedication and commitment to our hobby. The event will be:- Arrival Sunday 26th September to Saturday 2nd October inclusive. Cost is £100 for the week. Children 16 or under are FREE. More details to come -Bookings and further details can be requested via email on . Please Note Kimbo is away from 1-10 August so during this period there will be no reply until his return. Ticket availability is limited to 300. Yet another fantastic big organised detecting event to look forward to - All the best Jules.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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