Just an excuse for a swing.

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I had to go in the direction of my pasture permission to collect something but as it was a nice day I thought of it as an excuse to have a swing even though the ground would be rather dry. Not most ideal but it looks like we're heading for a dry spell so it will really be out of bounds soon. I had a 3 hour wander about a field that I have heavily searched in the past, but targets always still seem to show, just searching the patches that the cattle have munched down short. Targets were still frequent enough but nothing like they used to be. The Nox didn't seem phased by the dry ground still hitting good depth with a clear response, the 15" coil even finding several small targets in a heavy iron patch which I had previously gridded with another detector. It kind of begs the question if damp ground increases iron masking?
The main thing was that I was finding targets whatever they were though not many keepers. Quite early on a bit of silver showed, hallmarked Birmingham 1901, only gave a TID of 13.
The cattle in the next field followed a tractor that passed through mine, they spotted me and hurried over. But they brought the flies with them, so I was wafting them off my arms for about 25 mins until the cattle got bored and went to the other side of the field.
Another part silver or silver plated two piece button came in at just 9. There was a lead alloy whistle or flute mouthpiece. A 1902 advertising medallion for Barratts sweets of Edward VII's coronation. And the only coin was a 1895 Vicky halfpenny. So not a lot to show but kind of as expected really. Not complaining as it could have easily been much worse on this field! Just good to be out having a swing. :D
And the rest!
I think bottom left is a vesta case, next to it a broken ruler!
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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Good and plentiful selection of finds.
Always worth going out because you never know.
Nice Barretts Medallion, not seen one of those before.
Thanks for showing everything that you dug.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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