Hopefully antique cufflink, and cheapskate lover.

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Detecting is a funny old game.

Went out this evening for a short session on a nearby well detected old orchard. To get to it had to go through a little paddock on the edge of the village, just inside it is what obviously was an old rubbish tip that over the years has spread over a fair area, it gives millions of signals but all rubbish. For no reason at all decided I would give the edge of it a go, first signal a 1916 George V penny, second signal a Victoria1861 penny - both in good condition with a lovely patina. Yet normally its just rubbish so this is a real bonus to start the session

Third signal the reflector from a bicycle, from the days when bicycles were used to get from A to B by people wearing normal clothes (rather than men old enough to know that they should not wear lycra!) and had saddles that could be sat on without the need for padded pants and had mudguards to stop water splashing up on the rider.

Turn around and nearly have a heart attack as I find 2 people stood a few feet behind me watching me over the wall. They have a good laugh at they way I jump when I see them. After a quick word decide its time to move to the orchard.

After some time think the move to the orchard was a bad idea as it has resulted in 3 buttons, a musket ball, a .22 case and a few bits of rubbish.

As under the trees and overcast although only about 8:45 put the backlight on the Nox on so I can see what the screen is showing. This change in settings has the desired result!.

Next signal a lead "linear" token, exactly the same size as an old penny. This is the same orchard that I found a linear token in earlier this year viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1574 its in a poor condition so without a gentle clean I can not tell if its the same pattern or not. I so wish that in addition to the pattern they had the issuers name on them!.

Then a penny bent into a love token. Then a bit of lead.

Next target was a cufflink. Hopefully its an antique one with cricketers on it, but it needs a clean before I can be sure. Why do I want it to be an antique one with cricketers on it?. Very simple .... because I lost one about 45 years ago (to my mothers disgust and my shame) and this is certainly the same shape and size.

Next signal, and last of the evening due to light going, was another penny bent into a love token. But this could not have been much more than 10 foot from the first one. Oh to know the background story to these. I do not believe its coincidence that the 2 were so close together, surely they must have been thrown away by the same young lady. Was it the same suitor that had been rejected once trying his luck a second time, or was it another man?. Either way maybe he / they would have done better if they had used a silver sixpence to show their love for the young lady rather than a copper penny; but saying that in a small rural village where nearly all the young men would have been just agricultural labourers a sixpence would have been a fortune and a penny was probably all they could afford and it would have taken a lot of time and effort to rub it smooth and bend into a love token, maybe she was being hard on him / them throwing away the love token. Did they ever get together or did she find somebody else?. Yet again if only the items we find could tell us the story of why they are where we found them.

As I said to start "Detecting is a funny old game". Why did the first 2 signals turn out to be nice pennies (OK I know they are not "exciting" or that old but due to condition they might go into the selection of finds for the landowner) when that area is always just rubbish?. Why did turning the backlight on the detector on result in better finds and only 1 bit of scrap?. Saying that I had the light at its lowest level, I wonder what would have happened if I had used it at the brightest - might the finds have been even better?

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The backlight doesn't know what your going to walk over.

Sounds like a decent day out. Would be curious to see the cuff link as well. ...please do!!
I use the XP ORX and XP Deus Metal Detectors.
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Nice write up. It’s always good to hear how other detectorists days go.
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Great write up there evan, and a typical day for a lot of us tectorists :ugeek:

Nice you found a cufflink similar to one you lost many moons ago, funny how things work out :thumbsup:

Photos when you're ready though, we love visual stuff here
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Great stuff, Evan :thumbsup: Be nice to see what you found (and what it was you lost if at all possible) :thumbsup:
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