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Hi all,

Not been on for a while, as I guess with a lot of others, but now we are in the harvesting period its going to get busier with some good finds being shown no doubt, so looking forward to seeing some great posts as per usual

At last caught up with outstanding jobs at home, last big job replacing the garage roof, all re-timbered and new felt done, also the internal ceiling boards, took six days of some intense work, and several trips to the council dump with all the old timbers and felt, all the other jobs can fit in around detecting now :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Since retirement I've never been so busy, the list keeps growing but don't recognise the handwriting, I'm sure id didn't add it :?: I'm only missing work for the rest :lol: so with permission I put my foot down and said I will be out detecting odd days from now on, after all I wear the trousers in this household (my wife gave permission to say that) I know I live dangerously :lol:

Went out on Wednesday and had a good catch-up with a farm manager and got the crop cutting details for the next couple of weeks so I know when the wheat is to be cut, its all being chopped, lot of fields are to be sown with a cover crop until spring sowing so will have plenty of time to get out on the fields :thumbsup:

Managed a few hours on some barley stubble but still too stiff and unable to get close to the soil, but found a strip of pheasant cover maze that had been ploughed and left so was bare ground apart from the odd weed, only found a manky button, piece of bronze slag and some chain links, and one fantastic signal that turned out to be a bottle top :thumbdown: so called it a day

Popped out today to see where I am helping with an archaeological dig of a roman site next week and to see the archaeologist organising it, he has been out with me on my permission to see some features a while ago, he wants to do some Geophis on a couple of fields, he tried to get the funding for it but it was over subscribed so was not successful so will have to submit it again.

So I'm looking forward to a dabble at all sorts that will be involved next week and to meet the detectorist who discovered it, apparently he knows me but I don't recognise his name? obviously I am bound by a confidentiality clause so cant say too much about the location or anything detailed. The site has been worked on for a few years so is an ongoing project with a lot discovered already

Happy hunting one and all
Regards Steve
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Just to be clear are you now going out on odd days of the month or just an odd day? :lol:

Brilliant news on the fields - great to know you have time. I'm still staring at the unharvested fields and finding little on the now over worked pasture. Famine before the feast!

Enjoy the peace, tranquility (and rest) in the fields over the next few weeks.
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It sounds like you have a good balanced plan of action. :thumbsup:
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Great to see you back again, Steve, and thanks for the update. That archaeological dig sounds exciting (far more exciting than replacing a garage roof, that's for sure) :thumbsup:
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