Edward Penny and seal matrix

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I managed my first day out of the harvest on Thursday. The OSR had been cut in 2 fields and was being bailed in one so I went to the other. Hard going through the stubble and with the ground being surprisingly dry was very hard digging. So much so I broke my roughneck minidigger which was only a matter of time as it had started to split. A quick trip to Wickes secured another and by the time I got back to the field they had finished bailing.

It isn't the best of fields as it had a WW2 runway running through it and only turned up a button before a heavy down pour put a pause on detecting. It looked like a shower so I moved down to the cut barley which hadn't been bailed yet and was next to the field they were cutting. I figured they wouldn't be bailing that day as it was by now too wet. It is my best field so I had high hopes.

It was fairly quiet but a nice signal produced the London Edward penny, clipped but in good condition. A few feet away in a different cut was a fairly deep signal which I just caught a glimpse of and it looked white with writing so careful extraction and out came a nice seal matrix. Not had time to ID either of them yet.




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Two very nice finds. :thumbsup:
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Excellent digs
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Two crackers there , well done.
The portrait on the penny is really clear.
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Cracking finds, and just reward for braving the OSR stubble. Pity about the spade, but as you say the ground is surprisingly hard beneath the top inch or two.
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Great finds. That seal matrix is a beauty though :Star:
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Two cracking finds, :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved.
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