Nox control box not repairable

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I have just been on the phone to MSR (the official UK Minelab service centre / repairers). The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and gave me some good advice so a thumbs up to the company :thumbsup:

On the other hand what he said was bad news :thumbdown:

They advertise a "Keypad replacement & Service", which I thought (hoped?) would fix my damaged Nox 800. However, this applies to all the Minelab machines apart from the Nox !!.

For the Equinox they are not able to repair the control box, they have to be returned to Minelab, and MSR provide a new replacement.

As for the connector, which I thought would be a fairly simple and straight forward replacement, again this requires the control box to be replaced. :shock: :shock:

So his advice was to try and remove the wire in the connector with some small pliers (I had briefly tried this and failed, but another effort required). For the keypad being partly forced off he advised trying Gorilla glue (assuming that I can get the connector working and check the control unit then works).

For the 15" coil firstly this damage is not covered by the warranty (as I suspected). Secondly it has to be returned by the supplier. Thirdly for good measure at the moment he believes that there are no 15" coils available in the UK (he does not have any and knows that the dealers he has checked do not have any).

I was actually the third person to ring this morning where due to an accident (eg falling over stiles / spades) the coil cable had been torn from the detector. So be careful folks.

(who is thinking that this is could well be the most expensive fall I have ever had)
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Sorry to hear about your wows...

If you can get the wires out, I presume you still have the 11" coil to get you by?

With regards the 15" coil, since I was coerced into joining FB, I have seen quite a few such coils coming up for seems some people don't get along with them, and put them up for sale fairly soon after buying..
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There's a lesson for us all there. I once slipped off a wet gate, falling onto my back. Fortunately, I'd been warned and got into the habit of putting the detector at the opening side, and climbing over the hinge side.

Do you have a picture of the control box with the wire stuck in? I know there are some very good electronics people around that may be able to help - assuming it's just the control box connection that's broken.
Christmas soon, you may be lucky enough to get a new one :thumbsup: :D :D
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It sounds like a Blue Peter job then, a bit of stick tape and adult supervision with the scissors! It doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it's functional. :thumbsup:
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how can you do all that damage, and still not break the coil lugs!

I don't think you are trying Evan :D :lol: :D
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Is it not on your house contents insurance?

Pennies on the premium and cover for accidental damage.

Mine are. :thumbsup:
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