Possible penannular brooch

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Good afternoon fellow history lovers.
Found this today, on a site we know there was a roman villa and has turned up finds through out the ages. This item has been broken there are clear break marks on either end. I cannot decide if it's bent out of shape by plough or cultivation. My guts telling me it's not in original shape.
Any light that can be shed will be grateful.
Not sure if is penannular brooch but its the closest resemblance i can find.
Thanks Paul
Old but what?
Old but what?
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Late Saxon penannular ring.

A ;)
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Nice find! :Star: :thumbsup:
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Well done, great find and another great Id by Mr A.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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That’s nice ,I’d be well pleased with that :thumbsup:
Pete E
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Very nice find indeed!
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Great find👍
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I like that very much ! :thumbsup:
Well found and well saved.
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Cool find. :thumbsup:
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