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Had a day out yesterday on a pasture field offered to me by the landowner, as everything else had been drilled, after only been harvested several days earlier.
This was my first ever arable permission and have been eagerly awaiting the go ahead for months. The window of opportunity has been so short to detect before being drilled again.
Managed to get a total of 15 hours on it, hard going , in that it was stubble and that signals were very sparse and finds very disappointing.
For my efforts over 15 hours a total of 6 spendable coins , one scrubbed George (probably) and one musket ball, the rest was all tiny pieces of aluminum, and I mean tiny. :thumbdown:
So when offered a couple of pasture fields I didn't feel that I could refuse. As with the stubble fields finds sparse and aluminum.

Did manage a token find in more ways than one, a Leeds halfpenny token turned up along with a pretty slick George 2nd farthing.
All in all this long awaited arable permission as yet is somewhat disappointing, but will hang on in there ,something good has to turn up , hasn't it? :?: :?: :?:
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That aluminium can be an absolute nightmare, but a field's a field and if you can stand the barrage of signals there can be all sorts of goodies to uncover, no matter how sparse a start.

Hope to see you posting up something really good from this field shortly :thumbsup:
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