4 Hammered and a Roman

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I took the day off yesterday and headed to my main permission. They had used a subsoiler on 2 fields so they were perfectly flat with no stubble. My best field didn't disappoint with another 3 coins starting with the Henry III long cross half. Heading towards the next field just under the surface was a battered Edward I with a crack through it followed a few paces away by another nearly rolled, battered penny. It has straightened quite well considering. The other harrowed field didn't give much so I went to the next field close to one of the farm houses. Out came a posthumous Henry VIII / early Edward VI half groat. As it is a debased clad coin they are never great but although you don't see them too often I now have 3, 1 groat and 2 half groats.

Moving closer to the house out popped a rarity for this permission, a little Roman. Not good enough to work it out I don't think but the reverse has what looks to be 2 angels standing each side of a big circle. The hammered may be battered but they all count to me, making this years total 21, 16 from 1 field.




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What a great day and still more to come. :thumbsup:
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Well done on your finds.
Imagine that is very good for a session.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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A 4 hammered day? Wow that’s one to celebrate. Very, very pleased for you :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Good lord, someone's on a roll :thumbsup: Cracking day you had there, chap!

Your Roman is, as you say, hard to make out precise details, but I think it could be 4thC VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP reverse - two Victories holding shield inscribed VOT PR. Given the shape of the altar over which they're holding the shield it could well be London mint. Could be a few candidates, but I'd guess at Constantine I though it could be Constantine II or perhaps Crispus.
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Now that is the best use of a day off i have heard in ages....well done :clapping:
I would be chuffed with half of that on an outing
As you know its pointless me adding to any ID's, but i made you a brew instead :thumbsup:
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Now that’s being greedy :D :D
Good days work :thumbsup:
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Nice haul there. Well done :thumbsup:
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What a way to spend a day off.
I do like to see a hammered.
Well found and well saved. :thumbsup:
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