Every field has a hammered coin

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Is the old saying, and it’s not wrong so far for me. I’m fortunate to have access to several fields, some productive, many more that aren’t.
I was out last night, only for an hour or so due to the darkness drawing in fast now this time of the year. I have this one field that hasn’t really produced much really, but is just so near by it would be rude not to visit when time is limited. (My house is behind the trees in the background of the tractor photo), that’s how close it is. The farmer had just finished giving it a going over with the harrow and disc, so it made for an easy on the ankles session.
I wasn’t expecting much, maybe the odd copper or modern coin, but it produced! not 1 hammered coin, but 2, albeit one being a bit worn and rolled up.
A nice Irish Edward 1, I think.
It also produced a couple of nice buckle plates as well. It needs some rain now to settle it down, and I’m sure it will relinquish more of its goodies.
So the moral of this story, if you haven’t found a hammered coin in a field yet, keep going, it will be there waiting for you.
Coins on another thread for ID
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A great result there. :thumbsup:
All of my fields contain silver of some form whether coins, artefacts or just scrap. But eleven of my pasture fields have produced hammered so far, though I expect more will show from some others given time. :D
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Well done.
What a luxury having a permission, literally on your door step.
With that distance worth going out for an hour and that paid off.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I agree every field will have silver and I strongly suspect most will have a hammered, unless of course it’s already been found! ;) i certainly have found one on pretty much every single field I’ve been on. In two cases it’s been pretty much the only thing I’ve found on those fields bar a couple of buttons.

Lovely to have that in the field behind your house, lucky man!
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Does every field have a hammered? From personal experience I'd have to say "probably" as, while there are several fields where all I've found is backache, I've not detected them as enthusiastically as the fields I've been successful in. All I can say is that I try to detect a field as though they are there and all I have to do is find them.
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'Every field has a hammered coin' is not strictly true. Near to habitation yes, but my other 500 acre permission right out in the sticks to just get any target in a field is quite an achievement in itself even if it is only some ramblers discarded silver foil, though that doesn't count as silver either! :(
I think out there in back of beyond there was not too much use for cash as they probably just bartered turnips or something! :? :lol:
But joking aside there is some great ancient local history close by and I did find some Vicky silvers in one particular field though nothing else!
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