How do you rate a field?

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The number of targets?
The number of keepers?
The age of finds?
The least trash/scrap?
The value of finds?
The location?
The more greenwaste the better? :rollinglaughing:
Any of the above or something else?

If I take my last search of a pasture field as an example I averaged 20 targets/hour so enough to keep the interest. Of those about a third were keepers so I'd consider that quite good. Finds here are usually 18th century onwards but on occasion something older has shown back to Roman. I'm not in it for the money but I previously found two gold items in this field so that's quite inspiring of further possibilities. But this field has not given up a hammered yet in what I guess must be over a hundred hours of searching it so there is still that goal to aim for!
So I'd personally call it a good field. But then I was using GPS to search some of the previously less searched areas of it. Had I just random wandered over mainly previously searched ground then no doubt my find rate would be much lower and I would then perhaps unfairly underate this field or maybe even not wish to ever search it again?
I like other undetected pasture fields which are seemingly quiet of finds too as some older finds will be there without the modern trash and greenwaste on top of them to wade through first.
I can't say that I would rate any field much with lots of greenwaste unless some particularly good finds were showing up there too. But any field deserves a fair chance.
So how do you rate a field? :Thinking:
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Would have to say, would rate mine by the number of keepers.
Not yet had a field where there has been masses of modern rubbish and Green waste has not yet reared it`s ugly head.
Also have a sub rating in keepers of FLO notifiable, aim to get 10 of those in a season.
Managed that in the first 2 seasons, then had a really bad field with hardly any keepers, hardly any rubbish and only one FLO notifiable. Have to say that field did contain high Maize stubble and was a nightmare to try and detect.
Last season was the opposite but lost most of the time due to Covid restrictions, one notifiable but that was 34 Romans but all from the same area.
Therefore would rate the field from my second season as the best due to the spread of finds over that period and the spread of History they contained BA, Roman, Saxon, Elizabethan thru to Victorian.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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I use the Roman currrency method,e.g. 1 Antoninianus=2 Denarii

2 small pieces of coal = 1 big bit of coal.

4 small pieces of coke = 2 small pieces of coal.
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